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User Comments

"I would like to tell you how much easier the Side-Kick has made our lives in Robotic GYN surgery. It basically has freed up a person that normally has to manipulate the uterus. It enables the assistant to put the uterus in a specific position and it stays where you put it, allowing for better exposure.

The Side-Kick is so easy [to] put together and so easy to use. Our surgeons love it and ask for it on all of their robotic GYN surgeries.

I would highly recommend having a Side-Kick for any and all GYN surgeries."

~ Robin Corning, Supervisor Davinci Robotic Coordinator, at Northridge Hospital Medical Center

"The Kronner Side-Kick Device has brought great value to our Robotics Program at Baylor University Medical Center. In addition to providing clinical support to our GYN procedures, the Side-Kick has helped address our surgical staffing issues. We no longer have to designate a retractor holder to these cases which allows us to allocate that personnel to other pertinent cases."

~ Staci Medina, RN/Supervisor, at Baylor University Medical Center

"I find that the Side-Kick is an excellent addition to the instrumentation used in uterine manipulation. It relieves the stress and strain that goes with holding any manipulator for long periods of time during surgery and plays a key role in the prevention of injury from having to hold the manipulator."

~ Anonymous Hospital Comment

"Since the Davinci Robot was introduced into our hospital we have had the pleasure of seeing our surgeons begin doing their procedures from their first day on the robot, to two years into our program. During this time frame there has been a learning curve for the entire team. With the introduction of the Kronner system, technicians have experienced a decrease in fatigue and repetitive-use injuries associated with prolonged use of manual uterine manipulators. Another benefit we have seen is the stability of the system, allowing the surgeons to with a steady tissue surface, when cutting and dissecting. As the lead tech I find that virtually all the surgeons and my fellow tech are very satisfied with the Kronners ease of use. It has become a staple of every surgeon who works on the Davinci and every case we do."

~ Anonymous Hospital Comment

"The Kronner Side-Kick streamlines my robot procedures! We have used [it] on 30+ procedures and with the Side-Kick I only have to have 1 CST to make the robot room run effectively and efficiently. Highly recommended!"

~ Anonymous Hospital Comment

"The Kronner Side-Kick is a great asset to our robotic program. It definitely reduces the scrub tech's fatigue, which makes for a happier scrub tech and therefore a happier day. Thank you so much!"

~ Anonymous Hospital Comment