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Kronner Side-Kick Uterine Manipulator Holder

(Manipulator Adapters Not Shown)

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Part Number: KSK-5000

(Includes one adapter)

The Kronner Side-Kick Uterine Manipulator Holder firmly holds the Vcare and other uterine manipulators during laparoscopic surgery on female pelvic organs, thus freeing staff for performing other tasks. The Side-Kick does not interfere with re-positioning the uterus with the attached manipulator.

The Side-Kick is attached to either operating table rail behind the leg stirrup attachment. The manipulator is inserted into the patient using standard technique, then the Side-Kick is joined to it. With proper adapters the Side-Kick may be used with various other manipulators, such as the RUMI and the Arch-Koh. A gas supply module, which can also be attached to the operating table rail, transfers nitrogen or compressed air from the hospital wall or portable tank to the Side-Kick through two flexible lines. When the module switch is turned off the Side-Kick joints are decompressed. Pressing a foot pedal, that is connected to the gas supply module, releases all the Side-Kick joints for position changes. When the foot pedal is released the joints lock. A branched gas line connects the supply module to two luers of the arm assembly. A single gas line joins the gas supply module to the main pivot luer. Only the arm components and adapters are steam sterilized. The disposable gas lines are supplied sterile.

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Outer Arm (Part Number: 5400)

Inner Rod (Part Number: 5500)