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VCM / Vcare Connector

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Part Number: 5930-2

(Includes one connection screw)

Joins the Kronner VCM (Vaginal Cuff Manipulator) through the Vcare Adapter to the Kronner Side-Kick uterine manipulator holder.
VCM Connection Screw Part Number: 1752-2.


  1. Support the manipulator and the VCM when releasing the Kronner Side-Kick's gas pressure.
  2. Do not connect the VCM to a non-insulated holder.

The Kronner VCM / Vcare connector fits between the Vcare Adapter of the Kronner Side-Kick uterine manipulator holder and the Kronner VCM (Vaginal Cuff Manipulator) so the VCM can be held by the Kronner Side-Kick for a vaginal cuff repair.

This procedure usually follows a laparoscopic hysterectomy aided by the Vcare uterine manipulator.

The connector is non-conductive, preventing the VCM from grounding thus protecting the VCM from causing a possible patient injury from electrocautery.

The Vcare Adapter allows the VCM to be rotated around its long axis. The Kronner Side-Kick allows unrestricted other positioning.

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