Kronner Medical

Side-Kick Cleaning and Sterilizing Instructions

Sterilizable Components

Outer Arm, Inner Rod, Adapter.
(The rail grip, main pivot assembly, and gas supply module with foot pedal are NOT sterilized.)


  1. Remove the Inner Rod from the Outer Rod.
  2. Disconnect the manipulator adapter from the Inner Rod assembly at the ball joint and remove the manipulator joining screw from the manipulator adapter (see pg. 7).
  3. Inspect parts for defects, such as parts not fitting together or misshapen parts. Contact a Side-Kick Sales Representative regarding defects.
  4. Use Enzol® enzymatic detergent, and prepare according to the manufacture's recommendations of 1 oz. per gallon of warm tap water.
  5. Soak the Outer Arm, Inner Rod, and Adapter for five minutes in the prepared solution.
  6. Maneuver movable parts to loosen trapped soil. Use a soft, bristled brush (M16) to gently scrub to remove any visable soil and actuate all moveable parts while scrubbing in order to loosen trapped soil. Use an appropriate size lumen brush (45-541) for internal channels.
  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 two additional times for a total of three times.
  8. Prepare a tap water bath at 38-49℃.
  9. Agitate the assembly by hand for a minimum of one minute in the prepared bath.
  10. Rinse the assembly under running tap water for at least one minute.
  11. Dry the exterior of the assembly with a clean, lint free cloth.


  1. Place the contents in the Kronner Side-Kick sterilizer tray.
  2. Prevac sterilize at 132 degrees centigrade for four minutes.
  3. Dry for 45 minutes prior to handling.

Additional Instructions

The instructions in the Kronner Side-Kick manual for sterilization contain the minimum sterilizing and drying times. You may exceed these sterilizing and drying times if it is required by your equipment. The Kronner Side-Kick components will NOT be harmed.