Kronner Medical

VCM Cleaning and Sterilizing Instructions


  1. Detach the Universal or Vcare Tension Adapter from the Side-Kick Arm.
  2. Remove the joining screw from the chosen adapter and the connector screw from the Radel Connector.
  3. Remove the Vaginal Cuff Manipulator, Connector, chosen adapter, inner rod and outer arm.
  4. Use Enzol® enzymatic detergent, and prepare according to the manufacture's recommendations of 1 oz. per gallon of warm tap water, or an FDA approved equivalent.
  5. Soak all the parts for five minutes in the prepared solution.
  6. Maneuver parts to loosen trapped soil. Use a soft bristled brush (M16) to gently scrub to remove any visible soil.
  7. Repeat step 6 two additional times for a total of three times.
  8. Prepare a tap water bath at 38-49℃.
  9. Agitate the components by hand for a minimum of one minute in the prepared bath.
  10. Rinse the components under running tap water for at least one minute.
  11. Dry the components with a clean, lint free cloth.


  1. Place inner rod, outer arm, adapters, connector and screws in a sterilizer tray.
  2. Sterilization wrap: Kimgard KC400
  3. Pre-vacuum temperature: 270℉ (132℃)
  4. Exposure time: 4 minutes
  5. Drying time: 45 minutes